Educational Field Days are held in different counties. We will set up stations for them to rotate through every 15/20 minute to teach students (3rd-5th grades) about conservation. Some examples of the stations are :



Veggie Relay

Snake Safety & Awareness

Chemical Look-a-Likes 

Gun Safety & Awareness

Tractor Safety

Sun Safety

Forestry & Burning Safety

Native Animals & Farm Care Awareness

Alligator Awareness

Ambulance Safety

ATV Safety

Pollination/Honey Bees

Our environmental education programs provide interactive learning experiences for students and adults to engage in non-biased, science based, hands-on learning that encourages the building of critical thinking skills and good decision making processes. 

Research shows that students are more likely to remember and be able to apply skills and knowledge that are experienced.  85-90% will remember what they see, hear and do; while only 10-15% remember things they have read or heard. We want to provide opportunities for students to experience environmental education!