“The most important crop we grow for theĀ future is our children “

Check out these topics/materials to use in your classroom!  I will drop the materials off and pick them up when you are done. These are just a few lessons we have materials for. Contact me and we can discuss specifics. We certainly can come and present any of these lessons for you if you would prefer.

We will also try to help you acquire other items you may to teach your science/ nature lessons. Just let me know. We are committed to helping you teach the importance of the natural world around us.

**We can set up a monthly / bi-monthly program schedule so you do not have to contact us each time. We want to make things easier for you.

** Most of these lessons come with a book to read to students and a craft to take home and are linked to state standards.

Lessons/ Activities:

Where My Food Comes From- Farm to Table Game/ Activity

Grass Heads-  Life Cycle & Parts of Plants

Plant Needs & Importance

Dissect  Seeds- Parts of Seed/Germination

Dissect Flowers- Parts of a Flower/ Purpose/ Pollination                                    

Where Our Vegetables & Fruits Come From ( Which is Which)

Dissect Owl Pellets- Birds of Prey/ Niche (Job in the Ecosystem)  

Roly Poly Science- Learning the Scientific Method                                          

Food Chain/Food Webs    

Classification of Animals                                          

Invertebrates vs Vertebrates- Animal Characteristics, Adaptations & Design  

Critters in the Classroom- Visit with Real Animals                                                          

Habitat, Care,& Characteristics

Buzz on Bees- Bee Hive teaching Model, equipment, activities

Why we need Bees- Products – Activity- Making bees wax lotion

Insects-  Life Cycle / Anatomy of Insects/Niche( job)                    

Harmful vs Beneficial Insects/Insect Identification & Variety                    

Metamorphosis/ Molting Spiders- Life Cycle / Anatomy of Insects/Niche( job)

Insect Identification & Variety                  

Harmful vs Beneficial Insects                  

Insects vs Spiders

Tadpoles-Amphibian Characteristics/ Lifecycle  

MS crops/ Agriculture – What we grow

Fish tank- check out             

Fish – Characteristics / Freshwater vs Marine Habitats  

Birds- Characteristics/ Habitats- Nest types              

Chicken Embryology  – Check out the incubator and materials            

Types of Feathers/ Beaks/ Feet              

Physics of Flight

Reptiles- Characteristics / Habitats                    

Cold- Blooded vs Warm-Blooded

Mammals- Characteristics/ Habitats                          

Track /Skull Identification Wildlife -Species & Endangered Animals

Soil- Layers of Soil-  Edible Model            

Soil Test / Compost Bin/Worms            

Sammy Soil -Importance/ Care

Bottle Ecosystem- Making your own ecosystem

Cycles in Nature-Water, Nitrogen, Carbon/Oxygen  Cycle                                              Components of a Healthy Ecosystem                                        

Trees-  Importance & Structure of Trees / How to Age a Tree                 

Types of Trees & How People Use Trees – Family Trees ( Book)   

Leaves- Photosynthesis (The Process & Factors Affecting the Rate)                  

Plant Cells (Chloroplast Study & Observation)                  

Identification of Leaves- Why leaves change color in the fall

Water Quality/ Pollution Activity/ Discover the Pearl( Book)

Pond Studies & Microscopic Life                                  

Water Filtration /Activity Demonstration                                  

Water Cycle/ Water testing                                    

The Gulf Oil Spill- eBook & Investigation

Endangered Animals