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Interactive Nature Kiosk

We are seeking to place a Kiosk in each community of Lamar County.

( Purvis, Lumberton, Sumrall, Oak Grove, Baxterville, Bellevue)

Purvis City Park is our first location.

The goal of this project is to enhance conservation education throughout the community. We want to provide quality educational information & activities for families that are fun and engaging as they visit the public park. Hopefully, these activities will encourage neighbors to take a moment to appreciate our natural resources and learn more about them.

Sample activities:

Tree ID, Leaf art & Tree product education

Insect ID/ Bees importance/ Habitats

Flowers/ Fruits & Vegetables

Farm Animals/ Food/ products

Nature Scavenger Hunt/ MS Wildlife/ Snakes


Soil & Water importance & Uses

Lamar SWCD will be responsible for providing the kiosk, materials, and the upkeep and maintenance of each Nature Nook. The materials placed for use would be simple and inexpensive (handouts/crayons). We will monitor it weekly and fix any problems encountered.

We will highlight the city/county and businesses supporting this service. Our office phone number is also included for patrons to report problems or concerns.