History of Arbor Day

Tree planting festivals have been popular dating back to the earliest days of civilization. Sacred trees, planted roadsides, and shaded school walks were common long before North America was discovered.

However, Arbor Day is purely American in origin. It was first observed in the State of Nebraska in 1872. The first official Arbor Day Celebration was held in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1882, and two new elements were entered into observance. First, the day was declared a school festival; second, the practice of planting a memorial tree was inaugurated. These new developments were largely responsible for the acceptance of Arbor Day over the rest of the United States.

Arbor Day in Mississippi

Arbor Day became an official day of observance in Mississippi in 1926. Later, the second Friday in February was firmly adopted as the day on which the state would annually observe Arbor Day.

The Lamar County Soil and Water give away trees (bare root seedlings) at the Lamar County Multi-Purpose Arena Parking Lot each year starting at 8.

We try and have a variety of hardwood, pollinators, fruit, ect.

Look forward seeing you in 2024!