Bluebird Nesting Box Information and Sample Design

Thank you for your selection of bluebird nesting boxes.  Things you might consider in erecting the box include:

Measuring from the ground to the bottom of the box, attach it approximately 4 – 5 feet above the ground.   -Bluebirds prefer open areas, not woodland sites.

Clean out the box after each nesting.  Bluebirds will nest numerous times each season.   This box is provided with an access door for that purpose.

Facing the box opening to the east will help prevent hot afternoon sun from heating the box.

If predators are a problem then you should provide a predator guard.  Contact your local Conservation District or County Extension Service for information.

Keep in mind that other songbirds such as chickadees, titmice and nuthatches will nest in the box.  These are beneficial birds that should be welcomed to a nestbox.  Flying squirrels are frequent nesters also.

Always be aware that wasps and bees will sometimes build nests in the box.  Snakes and spiders can also be found there.   Knock first and be alert when you open the door of the box.

Enjoy this opportunity to provide nesting habitat for the bluebirds and other species.  Whenever possible, involve children in observation and maintenance of your nesting box.

Below is the designs for a simple nest box. 

BBC - Breathing Places - Make a Nest Box