Sam E. Soil

Sam E. Soil
Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commission’s (MSWCC) Sam E. Soil is a walking soil sample that teaches students the importance of soil and conservation.
He displays grass, vegetables and fruits that grow above-ground on his top-soil “head,” with root vegetables and roots visible underneath his top-soil layer.
Sam E. Soil is an early way to teach young conservationists the importance of conserving, protecting and nourishing our soil; lessons they can take to their own back yards, gardens, farms and everywhere. 

Sam E. Soil Video

Wendy Water

Wendy Water
MSWCC’s Wendy Water teaches children about water and water conservation as the featured character in her own informational coloring book.
Children learn facts such as:
    •    Water makes up 66 percent of our bodies and 83 percent of our blood;
    •    Water covers 3/4 of the earth’s surface;
    •    It takes 10 gallons of water to make 1 gallon of gasoline;
    •    It takes 115 gallons of water to make wheat for one loaf of bread.