Tree Planting

Trees provide numerous benefits to our ecosystem such as returning nutrients into the ground, improving the water quality, and providing the oxygen we breathe. Trees also help people in other ways that include jobs for the people who harvest the trees, and the wood can be used for numerous home projects.

The four rights of tree planting are the right tree, in the right place, at the right time, and in the right way. Creating the right tree depends on the nutrients it receives, and the amount of sunshine/shade that it receives. The right place depends on the various climates found throughout the world. The right time to plant trees is during the winter when it is not as hot outside.

Planting a tree the right way depends on the species of the tree, and there are various tools that are involved. When planting trees use caution and do not plant over power lines, or water pipes. In the end, trees provide a variety of different benefits and if done right, can help your environment tremendously.